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How to Design your Dream Bathroom

When it comes to designing your dream bathroom, it can be a little overwhelming. What style should you choose, which trade do I get in first? Well, fear not, because we’ve got the lowdown on the main three things to consider when it comes to creating your perfect bathroom.


Choose the right layout: When designing a new bathroom, it is important to consider the available space and the layout that will be most efficient and comfortable. Think about how much counter space you need, whether you need a separate bath and shower, and which fixtures will work best in the space. There’s nothing worse than being too cramped or pushing all your bathroom to the far reaches of a large room. If you have a big bathroom, perhaps consider a large tub to soak in the middle of the room with free standing taps. If you’re in a tiny bathroom, think about buying fittings that give the illusion of space, such as a claw footed bath, or a basin that is attached to the wall rather than the floor.


Select the right materials: When selecting materials for your new bathroom, consider both the look and feel as well as the durability. Quality materials such as tile, stone, and hardwood provide a luxurious look and are easy to maintain, while low-maintenance materials like vinyl and laminate can help keep costs down. If you can afford to push the boat out for luxury taps and accessories, then there are some amazing designs out there. If your budget is on the low side, have a look round the bargain bin and the seconds department, or check out second hand options on Facebook marketplace.


Consider incorporating smart technology in your new bathroom design: Smart technology can help make your new bathroom more efficient and user-friendly. Consider adding features such as heated floors, touchless taps, and voice-activated lighting to create a more comfortable and convenient experience. Why not go the whole hog and incorporate a TV or sound system that you can use whilst having a soak.

DIY is very fulfilling as a homeowner and there is nothing more satisfying than showing off that you did it all on your own! But…there is no shame in calling up a pro to help speed up the job and get it completed to an exceptionally high standard. You never know, they might be able to give you some tips that you can use on your next DIY project! If you need help to design your dream bathroom or fitting a bathroom, why not give us a call?

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